RE: MediaStreamTrack disabling - effect on downstream MediaStreams?

On 19 september 2011 18:01, Harald Alvestrand wrote:

> Just so it's clear - at the moment, I like the no-inheritance
> model that Adam proposed better than either what's in the
> current draft or my own proposal.
> I haven't yet thought of an use case I could do with the
> inheritance proposal that I couldn't also do in the
> no-inheritance proposal, and in that case, I prefer simplicity.
>                Harald

I'll try to summarize the state of this discussion.

Proposed change 1: A MediaStream, created from an other MediaStream, should be regarded as an independent stream. Enabling or disabling a MediaStreamTrack in one stream will not affect any track in the other stream. Status: Most people seem to support this approach.

Proposed change 2: The MediaStream constructor should take a list of MediaStreamTracks, which makes it possible to combine tracks from several streams into a new MediaStream (see older mails for use case). Status: Some support, some think it may be more powerful than what we need. No real objections.

Is this a correct summary?


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