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On Mon, 5 Sep 2011, Tommy Widenflycht (~[~O~Z~[~X~[~X~Z) wrote:
> TYPE_ERROR is common as well and is probably the correct action for the 
> three first cases.

Some of these are already handled:

> On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 00:15, Justin Uberti <> wrote:
> > The current specification indicates that INVALID_STATE_ERR exceptions may
> > be thrown if methods are called on a PeerConnection that is in the wrong
> > state. However, other sorts of errors can of course occur:
> > - a bad object (i.e. not a MediaStream) is passed to addStream

That's handled by WebIDL.

> > - processSignalingMessage receives an malformed signaling blob
> > - processSignalingMessage receives an incompatible description (no codecs,
> > incompatible codecs, incompatible crypto)

That's handled by the ICE and SDP specs, in theory. The API doesn't throw 
an exception because the processing has to be async.

> > - an internal failure occurs while processing an arbitrary API call

Internal failures are bugs, we can't very well specify what should happen 
in the case of bugs. :-)

> > - connectivity fails to establish, or is lost mid-call

That would cause the ICE Agent to attempt to reestablish the connection.

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