Re: webrtc reqs related to the Audio WG

On 10/20/11 02:45, Cullen Jennings wrote:
> On Oct 6, 2011, at 1:25 , Stefan Håkansson wrote:
>> Dear Audio WG (cc webrtc),
>> in the latest version of the use-cases - and - requirements document (<>) for webrtc the requirements on audio processing have been changed:
>>    ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>    A13             The Web API MUST provide means for the web
>>                    application to apply spatialization effects to
>>                    audio streams.
> I hope this is a requirement on some API other than the one WebRTC is doing.

I think it's a requirement that needs to be fulfilled before we can say 
that we have a consistent solution for WEBRTC's use cases.
I would love for the WEBRTC doc to be able to say "in order to fulfil 
this use case, the following spec by the Audio WG must be implemented", 
and not say anything more.

This would require that either WEBRTC or Audio defines how to process a 
MediaStream with Audio functions.

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