Call for meeting tonight: WebRTC WG

Tonight, Thursday May 19, at 5 PM UTC (7 PM CET, suitable times in other 
locales), we will have the inaugural phone conference meeting of the 
WebRTC working group. Apologies for the late notice!

Phone: +1 617 761 6200 or SIP:
Conference Code: 26631
IRC channel: #webrtc

The agenda is:

1/ Round table introductions:
  * who are you?
  * what are your expectations?
  * what are your main concerns?

2/ Web RTC WG overview:
  * what's in scope, what's not.
  * interfaces to other groups and SDOs

3/ "First next steps" per group deliverable:
  * do we need to do it at all, or is it (being or) to be addressed by 
some other group?
  * what we could use as a starting point?
  * who would be willing to contribute actual resources to the 
deliverable (editor, use cases, technical proposals, implementation 

4/ Group's F2F:
  * IETF RTCWEB and W3C Web RTC F2F in Quebec, July 24-29 2011? Decision 
needs to be taken soon to send advance notice in time
  * F2F at TPAC 2011 in November?

5/ Logistics, next meetings

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