RE: Proposal to adopt API as starting point

>On Jun/14/2011 4:15 AM, ext Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:
>> The "Status of This Document" section of the WD would be the 
>natural place to make IP committments (i.e. saying that the 
>W3C Patent Policy is adhered to).
>The Patent Policy commitment will apply to those W3C Members 
>and Invited 
>Experts that are members of the WG. The question is "are any of the 
>contributors to the proposed input _not_ members of the WG?". If the 
>answer is yes, where is that list of contributors?
What I can say is that the current editor is with Google (Ian Hickson), and the public input/feedback I am aware of has been contributed (on the WhatWG mail list) by Ericsson, Google and Opera. All those companies are in this WG.
>-Thanks, AB

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