Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

On Fri, 15 Jul 2011, Cullen Jennings wrote:
> A very common use case is that you have microphones in your computer or 
> monitor and also have a USB headset with a microphone. You want to be 
> able to allow the user to easily choose between these in the application 
> and switch during the call or game or whatever it is the user is doing. 
> YOu might want to switch from the display microphones to headset because 
> the person at the other end complains you sounds like crap, or the guys 
> in the sitting across from you in the airport is giving you dirty looks, 
> or because you are about to start talking about something a bit more 
> private. Making the sure go find the preferences dialog for the OS, or 
> the browsers, switch, then probably restart the application is just not 
> a great experience. Compare how easy this all works in something like 
> Skype or facetime with something that does not do it this way. I think 
> it is fairly desirable to allow the JS app to pick the mic and camera 
> and be able to change them during a session - sure it should default to 
> whatever the user as specified as the default in their OS preferences.

I agree that this should be possible, but it seems to me it would be far 
more usable if the UA provided this feature rather than having to have 
each JS app reimplement it (especially since some then won't, even though 
the use case aplies to all sites).

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