Re: [minutes] WebRTC F2F meeting Quebec City - 23 July 2011

On 7/24/2011 5:12 PM, Francois Daoust wrote:
>    Matthew_Koffman: I think legacy interoperability is missing from
>    your slides.
>    ??2: what do you mean with legacy interoperability
>    Matthew_Koffman: I can show you existing devices that do RTP but not
>    SRTP. If you want to non secure devices, you need to relax the
>    bullet presented that unencrypted data do no need to be carried.
>    hta: one of the things that someone mentioned is that we need to
>    talk to gateways.

Right - a call to a PSTN gateway (or various other gateways, or to a 
videophone, or a SIP softclient, or a SIP PBX, etc) may not support SRTP.

The alternatives are:

1) use a media gateway to access all non-rtcweb resources

      Since we can't assume a non-rtcweb device will support SRTP, any 
      made to a non-rtcweb endpoint would need to go to a 
      media gateway, removing any chance of the rtcweb device talking 
directly (for media)
      to the non-rtcweb resource.

2) allow non-SRTP connections, at least when the destination is a 
non-rtcweb device,
      and inform the application that the streams are unencrypted.  Note 
that in 1) they're
      unencrypted (elsewhere), but the app may not be informed of this, 
making it hard to
      inform the user.   We could still require SRTP for 
rtcweb-to-rtcweb connections.

3) ? any other ideas?

Randell Jesup

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