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On Thu, 14 Jul 2011, Prakash wrote:
> 1. An initiator call it L starts an session-initiate, through an 
> existing xmpp connection (signaling channel) to do a voice call to 
> responder, call it R.
> 2. As part of the initiate it tells the responder R, the codecs, 
> clockrates etc it supports.
> 3. The initiator also, gets its local IP + port, and optionally a STUN 
> IP + port and a TURN IP + port and sends it to R.
> 4. R responds with the codecs it supports and its candidate addresses. 
> It sends 2 candidates say.
> 5. The initiator chooses, which codecs is the best match, and also finds 
> the best candidate pair among the L and R candidates by checking the RTT 
> for each pair combination.
> The key to note above is, both the codecs and the candidate information 
> is exchanged in the signaling code in jingle. The initiator finally gets 
> to decide which is the best codec and candiate pair and chooses it.
> Coming to the webrtc API. Of these steps, I was wondering, which part is 
> taken care by the browser code, and which part is supposed to be the 
> signaling / application code which developer write?

Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all does by the ICE agent in the browser, except 
that the messages are exchanged via the page script.

Part 1 is done by the page script, probably on the same signalling channel.

> For example,
> a. Can the js code, query the codecs, clockrates to send it over the 
> signaling channel?

It doesn't need to. The browser tells the script what to send.

> b. Is each candidate i described above (local, stun and turn), created 
> using three PeerConnection calls? Are these sent to R over the signaling 
> channel?

No, the PeerConnection object encapsulates all this behaviour.

> c. How do i get the remote candidates? Through my signaling channel? How 
> do i pass it down to the browser?

You call p.processSignallingMessage() when you receive the message on your 
signalling channel.

> d. Who decides, which is the best candidate pair / codec? Browser or 
> application code?


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