Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal - listening

On 12 July 2011 17:10, Ralph Giles <> wrote:

>> In the general case of using the API outside browsers, or even in browsers, how does one solve the race condition that happens after creation of the object and before installing the onIncomgStream callback and the arrival of the first incoming stream? Are they queued ?
> The short answer is, "Yes, they're queued."

After further discussion it seems the situation is a bit more
complicated. The event loop, as described in Ian's reference[1] does
make this safe, by positing multiple task queues which can be
prioritized separately.

However, we don't currently implement this in gecko. We have a number
of hacks to make some sorts of nested event loops work better, but I'm
not longer clear that this race would be absolutely prevented until
the htm5 event-loop implementation is complete.

Can anyone speak on the state of other browsers here?



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