Quick note: Conclusions from this week's telechat

Meeting notes are forthcoming (or may already have come forth).
Consensus among the people on the call:

- The list of requirements from Stefan is a good starting point. We'll 
all review them with some care to figure out that we know what they 
mean, and refine as needed.

- Since all the proposals for API are based on the WHATWG PeerConnection 
model, this is the model we are going to be starting from. Discussion on 
the various proposals for changes / extensions to the model (including 
the audio API and the Mozilla/Cisco proposal) seem to be healthy and 
ongoing, so there is no need to take a decision on these proposals now.

- The Quebec City meeting will also be focused on requirements and API. 
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I think that's the high points from the call. Feel free to comment, add 
more things you think we decided, or protest against the points that 
seem to have consensus on the call!


Received on Friday, 15 July 2011 13:16:49 UTC