Re: Moz/Cisco API proposal: multiple connections

On Jul 13, 2011, at 6:43 , Stefan Håkansson LK wrote:

> In the proposal there is a discussion on multiple connections per PeerConnection object: "Using a single PeerConnection to handle multiple incoming connections presents some unique challenges, but also has the desirable property of being able to stream out a single set of MediaStreams to multiple peers (which can also be changed mid-session). "
> To me the most natural way would be to have one PeerConnection object per peer. Then, if the same set of streams are sent to each peer, of course there should be only one encoding, framing, packetization etc. But this is an optimization that can be handled in the implementation, and need not to be visible at the JS API level.
> Stefan

So we have two proposal one with a Factory object that creates one PeerConenction per peer and the other that has one PeerConenction that keeps track of the multiple connections. Does the peer factory proposal look OK to you?

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