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Cary, thanks for the input. I actually had requirements quite similar to what you propose in an earlier version, but made them more vague (as DTMF had not really been discussed on neither the rtcweb nor the webrtc list). I would be happy to insert reqs like these if they get support.


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Thanks for sending this Stefan.

After reviewing the document, it appears that there are no requirements around sending DTMFs.  I would propose that we add the following requirements to the requirements list:

The User Agent must provide capabilities to send and receive DTMFs.
The Web Application must be able to send and receive DTMFs.



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at the last telco there was an action to look at a requirements doc. We made an draft (attached). For now it only repeats requirements identified in the IETF use case and req doc (, but the plan is to collect new/additional requirements in the webrtc WG.

Could this be used as a starting point?


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