Re: Mozilla/Cisco API Proposal

>> Perhaps one example is the sort of thing described by
>> MediaStreamTrackHints in the proposal. The Opus audio codec from the
>> IETF standardization effort can switch between separate "voip" and
>> "audio" coding modes. The script setting up the connection may have
>> context information about which of these are more appropriate for its

> This is why the Web uses a declarative high-level model. It lets us make
> the Web better in the future.

I would argue the "voip" versus "audio" modes _are_ high-level 
declarations. Underneath they mean doing things like high-pass filtering 
to remove background noise and formant emphasis, automatic gain control, 
and other things that improve call quality substantially in the voip 
mode, but would destroy the quality of music or other general-purpose 
audio that isn't sourced from a low-quality microphone. Exactly what's 
done is up to the UA, but the intent is important.

Received on Tuesday, 12 July 2011 10:00:23 UTC