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Re: [rtcweb] Remote recording - RTC-Web client acting as SIPREC session recording client

From: Olle E Johansson <oej@edvina.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 17:40:06 +0200
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Message-Id: <6C3639CD-E547-470A-8328-AF717BB8C32F@edvina.net>
To: Dan York <dyork@voxeo.com>

23 aug 2011 kl. 17:23 skrev Dan York:

> The more complicated we make it - or the more requirements we impose on browsers - the less adoption we'll see.
Which we've proven with the large amount of RFCs and drafts for SIP.

We need to be very careful here. 

+1 and "like" on Dan's mail.

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