Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] What is the purpose of MediaTrackCapabilities displaySurface? (#250)

> My naive thoughts were that `getCapabilities()` would return capabilities that allow users to make changes to the constrainable properties via `applyConstraints()`. In other words, that they would be either `max/min` ranges (e.g. `<input type="range"`) or sequences of choices (e.g. `<select>`, `<input type="checkbox">`).

That's also my expectation. Phrased differently, I'd have expected that:
- Settings define the current state of the track, regardless of mutability.
- Capabilities define how an app can mutate the track.

> It looks like I'm wrong according to the spec though.

For me, the question is whether the current design makes sense as is, or if it should be amended. It might be that much thought has gone into this design, and its selling points will be revealed upon closer inspection. Or it could be that things converged on a suboptimal result over time, and continued convergence will improve things. Do you know which it is, @jan-ivar?

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