Re: [webrtc-pc] Clarification around msid generation (#2782)

I agree with the [discussion]( in the Chromium tracker that it looks like RFC 8829 wasn't updated when setStreams was added, as further evidenced by paragraphs like this one:
      -  For each MediaStream that was associated with the transceiver
         when it was created via addTrack or addTransceiver, an "a=msid"
         line, as specified in [RFC8830], Section 2, but omitting the
         "appdata" field.
...which doesn't account for: `pc.addTrack(track).setStreams(stream)`.

As [further mentioned]( in the Chromium tracker, since the introduction of `mid`, and with `appdata` [now omitted](, msid is AFAIK relegated to surfacing stream associations remotely (from changes with `setStreams`), with the stable identifier instead being `mid`.

@docfaraday can we file an errata on the RFC?

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