Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] surfaceSwitching seems under-specified (#241)

> we might also want to limit switching between different displaySurface types, unless we have compelling use cases for that.

Users want the flexibility to quickly change what they're sharing. This is often why they share their entire screen. The more flexibility we give them to change between windows-tabs, the less often they'll score own goals by sharing the entire screen. I think that's very compelling.

Also, privacy-wise, switching between two different native apps does not seem worse than switching between a native app and a tab inside a browser, which is itself a native app. If we disallow that, users will switch to sharing the entire browser window, which is much worse.

Should it be argued that we should only allow switching to a more private source, I'd argue that users will then start by sharing their entire screen and then quickly clamping down, so that they may retain the flexibility to share anything.

> I proposed some time ago to fire in case of surface switching. Specifying the behavior would indeed be good.

That seems reasonable.

> We should probably whether there are observable aspects: does the track.label change?

Empirically, I see that Firefox currently sets as the label the title of the native window *at the time the picker was displayed*. That is, even if the window title changes before the user completes their selection, the old title will be set as the label. I don't think this benefits anyone.

But the above is probably a bug. More pertinent is that the label does not change if the title changes after capture starts. I don't see how that benefits users/devs. To be useful, the label must adapt.

> There might be capture-controller and capturee-side impacts as well

Capture Handle already handles this by firing an event in the capturing app.

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