Re: [mediacapture-main] 'label' needs direction and language metadata (#665)

Reporting my current understanding of the situation for this issue:
* information displayed in the `label` attribute at this time is basically re-surfacing what underlying operating systems provide (possibly with some sanitization #747) 
* I've not been able to collect any evidence that any OS surfaces language and text direction information that could then be surfaced in a localizable `label`
* in particular, I've not been able to create evidence of or even a demonstration illustrating this gap creating bugs in currently deployed devices

As a result, my sense is that it's likely the Working Group would request to move forward with the current unlocalizable `DOMString` attribute until there is both a technical solution provided in EcmaScript and a clearer path for implementations to surface usable data.

With that being said, I note a new proposal in the context of label for audio output that may make localizability more clearly needed in the short term.

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