Re: [mediacapture-main] MediaStreamTrack frame rate: configured versus actual? (#826)

Use case is diagnosing why we are not getting the FPS of the settings.
- Are they never produced by the camera (actual less than setting, but no drops)?
- Are they produced but dropped by the browser pipeline so they never reach their destination?

Lastly you have potential frame drops at the destination, but I believe that is covered by other APIs. E.g. the destination could be an RTCPeerConnection (we have getStats) or it could be some application defined processing step. A processing step could know how many frames it received as input, but could not know if it did not receive more frames due to camera not producing them or due to them being dropped somewhere.

We've seen several issues of browser buffer pools being exceeded and frames getting dropped which is very different than "the camera isn't producing any frames"

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