[mediacapture-transform] Applicability of VideoTrackGenerator? (#86)

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== Applicability of VideoTrackGenerator? ==
`VideoTrackGenerator` (the successor to MSTG) converts a stream of `VideoFrame`s to a `MediaStreamTrack`. 

`VideoFrame`s may have been "transformed" by a process that generates jitter. For example, they may have been processed by a Machine Learning algorithm that takes a varying amount of time, or they may have been produced by a decoder that received encoded chunks over a network with varying delays. 

Currently, the specification does not talk about what an application can expect of `VideoTrackGenerator` in terms of playout delay and smoothness.  Does `VideoTrackGenerator` assume that there is a jitter buffer upstream that generates `VideoFrames` with constant delays? Or does `VideoTrackGenerator` adjust the playout delay in response to the jitter it experiences in the `VideoFrames` it receives? 

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