Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

> This seems like a red herring, because exposure of implementation-specific rendering is inherent with screen-capture and seems mostly orthogonal to cropping.

That's missing the point. The problem is not that the players look different generally-speaking. I don't mind if one implementation exposes the play button to the left of the scrubbar and other implementation to the right of it. The problem is that the players' opacity and shape is different in substantive ways. This implementation-specific shape is peculiar to HTMLAudioElement and perhaps a handful other Elements.

Consider a developer working with Firefox and Safari. They try to cropTo an audio element and they get only the player, which is rectangular and opaque. They're happy. They don't mind that the player is different in both cases. They ship it. Then it turns out that in Chrome, that still captured some background pixels. Oops! That's unfortunate.

Sure, the same problem would have been observed with a div-containing-a-player, if the player happened to obscure something. But that case makes it clearer to the developer that they're capturing "what's in the div" and not "the player". It's a lesser issue.

> Who's "we" and where are you going with this?

[We]( who participated in the discussion.

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