Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

> but can we agree this is irrelevant here?

Bugs are irrelevant and transitory. But abiding incompatibilities such as elements looking completely different between implementations, up to and including capturing background pixels in some implementations but not in others, is very relevant.

> It doesn't restrict or convey judgement about whether what you're trying to accomplish is "sensible" or not

The difference is that with requestFullscreen(), at worst you get slightly silly behavior for the local user, whereas with cropping, you could be exposing a different set of pixels to remote participants, possibly unbeknownst to the local user.

> It's more work on browser vendors to make it KISS for web developers

It's good and proper for browsers to pay for developers' lunch, but only if developers are going to eat it. Here, I think we'd be wasting time and effort on unrequested, undesired functionality, that no prudent developer would use. So far, developers seem to be happy with cropping to DIVs. We have expanded the scope all the way to Element rather speculatively.

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