Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

The parallel drawn with `requestFullscreen` does indeed make some sense. But, still, I cannot easily imagine a real purpose for cropping to the bounding box of an HTMLAudioElement. Consider too that this is going to look different between different implementations. And consider how some implementations have a non-rectangular or partially-transparent HTMLAudioElement, which means pixels from background content will poke through.

**Note:** This is not the only case of non-rectangular or partially-transparent element. We've used the bounding box for a reason. But the **special thing** with HTMLAudioElement is that non-rectangularity and/or transparency is different between user agents, which means an application misguidedly trying to use it as a crop-target would yield non-uniform results. It's a footgun.

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