Re: [mediacapture-region] Why expose produceCropTarget at MediaDevices level? (#11)

> > > @youennf getting the irrelevant `MediaDevices` object out of the picture is a win. Thanks!
> > 
> > @jan-ivar, does that mean that if I send a PR to move the point of exposure to CropTarget.fromElement(Element), you'll approve it? Note that I'll keep it async, **which is the status quo**, and maintain the same **note** about it being a contested issue.
> That seems like a good way to separate these issues.

@eladalon1983 the way I interpreted the compromise above was we agreed to move the point of exposure from MediaDevices (a SecureContext object) to CropTarget (which is not). Adding `SecureContext` to fromElement would appear to not honor that.

> The status quo of the document is to only expose token-minting in secure contexts.

@youennf already mentioned in that this was part of the issue: _"MediaDevices is SecureContext, Element is not. It seems ok for a non secure document to be able to create a CropTarget"_, so these were known stakes.

> Relaxing restrictions is always backwards compatible; tightening them is not.

@alvestrand In the interest of progress, I'll accept the PR with a note on the lack of consensus over SecureContext.

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