Re: [mediacapture-region] Should generation of CropTarget from elements be able to fail? (#48)

> Throwing an exception/rejecting a promise might be fine, using WebIDL or synchronous checks.

So let's go for it and have one less outstanding issue. If I send a PR that says that a synchronous error should be raised if the element is not of a type supported by the implementation, will you approve it? We can discuss other failures separately.

> At the time, I remember you saying this was out of scope since we were going with Element.

I only have a vague memory of this discussion. The current implementation in Chrome, as of the time of this writing, is [here](;l=45-53;drc=d7340db3593236e1a8351a736c372b89df002814) - always has been `HTMLDivElement and HTMLIFrameElement`. Long-term, I expect everyone to support any Element, and feature-discovery to be unimportant. But for the short-term, with only some Elements being supported by implementations, I think the spec should make an affordance.

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