Re: [mediacapture-region] Should we support strings in addition or in lieu of opaque identifiers? (#46)

> I think `CropTarget` with serialization and a possible future-path to stringification are good enough

I disagree here, it does not make sense to do stringification on top of CropTarget.
If the WG validates the use cases/support of strings, it seems best to deprecate the CropTarget APIs and go with a single string based API.

> Assume the relevant element is garbage-collected but `token` and `uuid` are still alive

The interesting case is when the element is still present, not when it went away.

> How is `token` less concerning than `uuid`?

If you GC `uuid`, it does not mean the actual `uuid` value is lost from the app knowledge, the app can reconstruct it.
For instance the app might not store `uuid` but might store uuid.substring(0, 1)) and uuid.substring(1).
It can later create a new `uuid2` representing the exact same string.
Or it might store the uuid in IDB and query it later on.

You cannot recreate a CropTarget like you can with strings.
With strings, you will need to keep the mapping between the string and its element as long as the element is alive.
With CropTarget, you will need to keep the mapping until either one of element or CropTarget go away.
I would expect the lifetime of a CropTarget to be much shorter than the lifetime of an element.

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