Re: [mediacapture-region] Should generation of CropTarget from elements be able to fail? (#48)

> * If we standardize that `Element` should be received, and one browser accepts `(IFrame or Div)`

Do we have such case? I would hope not.
In Chrome's case, my understanding is that the WebIDL might accept HTMLElement and not Element, this is fine and is handled by WebIDL just fine.

> * Do we now specify in the IDL that we support `(ElementType1 or ElementType2 or ... ElementType2950)`?

We could if we think this makes sense. Some API support BufferSource, some only ArrayBuffer.
If we have to go down there, we should probably rethink our API shape though.

> [This]( is not identical, but it's similar:

How is it similar?
There are hardware limitations which do not allow to support more than a maximum number of pixels, a UA must have to deal with these limitations.
In our case, failing a CropTarget is due to a UA optimisation to reduce latency. The UA could have decided to go with another approach.

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