Re: [mediacapture-region] What makes CropTarget special to require an asynchronous creation? (#17)

I should add (or I'll be called out on it) it goes on to say: _"The user agent MUST resolve p only after it has finished all the necessary internal propagation of state associated with the new [CropTarget](, at which point the user agent MUST be ready to receive the new [CropTarget]( as a valid parameter to [cropTo]("_ — but the sole requirement here seems to be that a newly created target MUST be accepted by cropTo, which is easily accomplished a number of ways given that any target must be postMessaged and cropTo is already async. The need for returning a promise for this is what has no consensus and is being challenged.

Also this second part is about of _how_ it does what it does, whereas my initial quote is more importantly about what it _does_, which doesn't match claims made here.

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