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== outbound-rtp.scaleResolutionDownBy ==
Background: w3c/webrtc-stats#596. The spec report media source's resolution (e.g. camera capture in 720p, even though there is a [bug in Chromium](https://bugs.chromium.org/p/webrtc/issues/detail?id=12501) to report an adapted version of this value) and what we actually end up sending (outbound-rtp.frameWidth/Height), which would be after both scaleResolutionDownBy and adaptation has been applied.

Under ideal conditions, outbound-rtp resolution would be (media-source resolution X scaleResolutionDownBy), but this cannot be derived using getStats() alone.

Because we don't expose scaleResolutionDownBy in getStats(), the only way to calculate the ideal resolution is with other APIs.
- Should we expose outbound-rtp.scaleResolutionDownBy?

Speaking for adding it:
- Allows determining "which outbound-rtp is which layer" as well as "how much downscaling was due to the scaling factor and how much was due to adaptation".

Speaking against adding it:
- Nobody has asked me for this, I just noticed that it was missing.
- While potentially racy to get different pieces of information from different APIs, this information is already available in getParameters().

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