Re: [mediacapture-region] Should we support strings in addition or in lieu of opaque identifiers? (#46)

> Should we reconsider our position and directly use string identifiers?

I think that'd be for the best. Modulo the next points.

> In that case, should we go with web app provided identifiers or user agent generated identifiers

I don't like the idea of an app-assigned string, as it means we have to consider collisions (both in spec and in implementation). If the user agent assigns, it can trivially guarantee no collisions by randomizing a UUID. Less to worry about. Simple.

> Lifetime of a CropTarget is well defined. Lifetime of a string value is potentially endless.

So long as we never assign the same string value to a new Element, what's the problem? And if we randomize a UUID, that's easy to guarantee.

> If there is some clean-up being made when a CropTarget is GCed

As the identifier will be attached to the Element, we can GC when the Element is GCed. Am I missing some complication?

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