Re: [webrtc-pc] webrtc-pc does not specify what level of support is required for RFC 7728 (RTP pause) (#2735)

> RFC 8853 does not mandate or even recommend support for RFC 7728, which has not been implemented in any browser. Given the lack of implementation (and also the [IPR encumbrance](, referencing RFC 7728 in WebRTC-PC is problematic.

It does require it if you're going to use paused rids in SDP simulcast attributes, which we do require in webrtc-pc right now.

"If RTP stream pause/resume [RFC7728] is supported, any rid-id MAY be
   prefixed by a "~" character to indicate that the corresponding
   simulcast stream is paused already from the start of the RTP session.
   In this case, support for RTP stream pause/resume MUST also be
   included under the same "m=" line where "a=simulcast" is included."

"An answerer that receives an offer without RTP stream pause/resume
capability MUST NOT mark any simulcast streams as initially paused in
the answer."

"An RTP stream answerer capable of pause/resume that receives an offer
   with RTP stream pause/resume capability MAY mark any rid-ids that
   refer to pause/resume capable formats as initially paused in the

That said, if we dropped the requirement for using paused rids in webrtc-pc, we won't need RFC 7728 support in order to maintain compliance with the base spec.

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