Re: [webrtc-pc] Document substantive changes since Rec as candidate amendments (#2713)

@alvestrand @caribouW3 @plehegar  I have now taken another stab at this that fulfills the process requirements as I understand them from @plehegar while still reducing the editing burden substantially (although whether it reduces it enough is something I'm looking for @alvestrand feedback).

The result of this work is that:
* the default editors draft view shows the latest content of the spec unchanged (except for the listing of amendments in appendix)
* when switching to the REC view of the document, it shows in-line candidate corrections, defaulting to showing both current & future, with a toggle to show only the "current" or  "future" view, à la

I've tried documenting the required steps for integrating an amendment in the draft in `` - these steps technically only have to be followed when getting ready to publish a Rec with candidate or proposed amendments (although doing it as we merge substantive pull requests is also possible); my expectation is that this process can be put on the shoulders of the staff contacts rather than editors, since these Rec updates aren't something we expect to do very often in general. From having done it with the current changes, I don't think they're particularly challenging to follow, and certainly less tricky than marking up diffs at the phrase level.

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