[webrtc-extensions] Add getDataChannels() method on RTCPeerConnection (#110)

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== Add getDataChannels() method on RTCPeerConnection ==
Similar to the `getTransceivers()`, `getSenders()` and `getReceivers()`, I believe we would benefit from having a `getDataChannels()` method to list all the data channels that have been created and are not in `closed` state.

Currently, if the handle to a data channel is "lost", it's not possible to close it until the peer connection it belongs to is closed, or possibly if the implementation decides to close a garbage collected data channel (but since we haven't defined object lifetimes, it may not happen).
Having the peer connection owning a reference to the data channels would allow to properly extend the data channel lifetime to match the peer connection's lifetime too at least.

It would also be quite valuable to have for testing and any sort of introspection.

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