Re: [mediacapture-region] What makes CropTarget special to require an asynchronous creation? (#17)

After looking over the slides and listening to the arguments, my take is the following: 

1. [The W3C design principles]([ttps://]( cite interprocess communications (IPC) as a potential reason to choose async over sync, so they don't provide much in the way of definitive guidance here. 
2. There is a good argument that `cropTo()` needs to be async. 
3. The concerns about resource exhaustion attacks against `CropTarget()` relate more to a potential implementation issue than to the async vs. sync question.  That is, resource exhaustion attacks appear addressable even if `CropTarget()` remains async. For example, resource allocation could be moved from `CropTarget()` to `cropTo()`, since the latter is async. 
4. As Tim Panton pointed out, the only existing implementation uses async and the developers do not believe that a sync approach would be feasible for them.  On the other hand, those who favor sync could adopt the async approach and if desired, move resource allocation and other potentially blocking operations to `cropTo()`, returning much sooner.  So it would appear that all implementers should be able to "live with" async, whereas some implementers claim they cannot live with the sync approach. 

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