Re: [webrtc-provisional-stats] Add sender/receiver/transceiver to provisional spec (#32)

I merged PR #34 as previously discussed, which added back the sender/receiver/transceiver dictionaries to the provisional spec (see*).

But before I close this issue, please take a look @jan-ivar @vr000m @alvestrand.

I want to be perfectly clear that when I added back sender and receiver I did _not_ have these dictionaries extend `RTCMediaStreamTrackStats` so this is technically not just editorial.

The reason I did not make them extend "track" is because that dictionary is obsolete. We could certainly have them extend "track" stats in order for this to be a purely editorial change (let me know and I will create a PR) but the reason I did not do this is because a) nobody ever implemented this and it would only serve to document git history, and b) having sender extend track is horribly under-specified and makes absolutely no sense for simulcast stats. It seems like a silly maintenance burden to have the sender extend the obsolete track in a provisional stats spec, and not extending receiver with track stats is the consistent thing to do.

Let me know if I can close this.

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