Re: [webrtc-encoded-transform] Need for modifying metadata (#135)

1. Yes, WebIDL dictionaries are constructible from JS dictionaries. The construction process ignores unknown keys, so unknown keys "can't happen".
2. My suspicion is that setMetadata could be synchronous, but I'm mosty in the "when in doubt, return a promise" camp. I'd like to hear from @guidou whether he could think of a reason for making it async. Failure in JS is mostly signaled by throwing an exception or rejecting a promise, so the function should return "undefined".
3. I'd suggest that the setMetadata fully replaces the current metadata. So get/modify/set would be the normal pattern. Sending in a dictionary with only the changes makes it hard to describe that you want to delete an attribute.
4. If we move a frame between PeerConnections, there may be good reasons for changing the dependency descriptors - for instance, if we need to renumber frames, then DD indexes will need to change too. But if the result doesn't make sense, SetMetadata should throw an error.

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