Re: [mediacapture-main] enumerateDevices() should request permission (#874)

I do not think we can make enumerateDevices trigger a prompt as is:
1. This goes against the principle of minimal exposure.
2. Some UAs might have per-device granting access and I don't think this would work great here. @jan-ivar might have some input.
3. This is not really backward compatible since enumerateDevices is called by many web pages that do not expect user prompts.

Last issue is solvable, we should probably move this issue to mediacapture-extensions in any case.

> * Application awaits `getUserMedia()` before calling `enumerateDevices()`.
> * User is confused about why the application is requesting a camera and/or microphone, and hopefully approves the request.

I don't see why user would be confused.
On iOS, user will be prompted for each app by a TCC prompt about camera/microphone access before camera/microphone are allowed.

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