Re: [webrtc-stats] WPT tests are wrong about when "outbound-rtp" and "inbound-rtp" stats appear (#619)

> We got rid of "sender", "receiver", "transceiver" and "track" stats 

8 days ago? I wasn't aware. Please see

> I think delaying the creation of the RTP objects is harmful.

This issue isn't proposing a spec change, and there's evidence in #643 this harm may have been self inflicted by us moving lots of metrics to RTP objects with half the room not realizing their lifetimes were different.

> As of recently though we've added the mid and rid properties though, so it would be possible to create these objects at signalling time even if the SSRC isn't known (and you'd still be able to tell which stream is which), which may be more consistent with what Chromium implementations currently do.

There may be some good ideas here, but I would ask that you open a new issue for this detailing what you propose exactly, so members can try to poke holes in it. The current spec is quite clear about RTP lifetimes, so this would be a major change.

This issue is about WPT tests.

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