Re: [webrtc-pc] The language around setting a description appears to prohibit renegotiation of RIDs (#2724)

The _"described above"_ language says: _"This specification does not allow **remotely initiated** RID renegotiation."_. Remotely initiated = remote offer.

We explicitly prohibited remote offers from renegotiating RIDs in Do we have new information to revisit that decision?

> it is a violation of RFC8853 for an offerer to refuse to honor a remote answer that rejects a previously negotiated RID

Side-note: if you remove "previously negotiated" from that sentence then I agree, and I've filed on that.

But reading [RFC8853]( I find very little mention of previously negotiated state. To me it doesn't appear to make any distinction between initial O/A and renegotiation. I therefore find it hard to infer the requirements of these simulcast attributes on subsequent O/A.

I know JSEP has such language, but it's not clear to me how that maps here.

For instance: RFC8853's example mentions an offer to send 3 layers, with an answer to receive 2. Is a subsequent identical O/A acceptable because the net result is the same? If so, what if the answer doesn't reject the 3rd layer the second time? Now we've added a layer, is that acceptable?

> it is also a violation of RFC8853 for an answerer to refuse to honor a remote offer because it removed a previously negotiated RID.

Same here, if you could quote where it says that it would help.

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