Re: [webrtc-pc] insertDTMF is synchronous, but relies on asynchronous state-checking logic (#2738)

> I suggest removing the "queue a task" part from "determine if DTMF can be sent".

I agree. A return value from a queued task goes into the void, so this isn't implementable as written. Since browsers [appear to have done this correctly](ยน in spite of this, I'd call fixing this non-normative, since the intent seemed clear, and tests don't need to be changed.

<sub>1. WPT tests could be improved however, e.g. the sync attribute (`canInsertDTMF`) is only tested in a helper right now, with a carveout to help Firefox succeed where it shouldn't. Maybe @docfaraday could split this out as part of his work?</sub>

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