Re: [mediacapture-region] Need for a predictable error type for unimplemented Element subtypes (#55)

>  In fact, doing so risks giving the wrong impression the implementation is compliant when it is not.

Youenn has brought up a similar concern. This is unclear to me. Users installing a browser would notice when applications don't work. That the failure makes the browser "compliant" is not going to help such a browser gain/retrain market-share. Implementers are motivated to implement missing functionality, independently of compliance.

> Web developers need to know when they're expected to file bugs on vendors and when they should not.

Similarly, I don't think Web-developers would refrain from filing a bug over missing functionality under the assumption that a "compliant" browser is complete by definition. I imagine people ask for Firefox and Safari to support tab-capture, without caring whether the spec allows getDisplayMedia() to not offer tab-capture.

> I do see some uses of NotSupportedError in specs, e.g. around media types as inputs, and that make sense, but I don't think this issue meets that bar.

Where is the bar?

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