Re: [mediacapture-region] Should cropTo(undefined) reject if track not cropped? (#60)

> It makes sense to me to not reject.

Great. I'll send a PR.

> Also, maybe there should be a CropTarget getter since cropTo is nothing but an asynchrony setter.

I really want to just say "yes" and build forward momentum, but I think we could start a separate discussion for this. It's not necessarily as simple as it initially sounds. See here:
const stream = await getDisplayMedia();
const [track] = stream.getVideoTracks();
console.log(`${track.getCropTarget()}`);  // Presumably prints `undefined`?
track.cropTo(t1);  // Note lack of `await`.
track.cropTo(t2);  // Note lack of `await`.  
console.log(`${track.getCropTarget()}`);  // Unclear what's printed...? undefined? t1? t2?

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