Re: [mediacapture-region] What should the spec say about elements like HTMLAudioElement? (#51)

> This appears to directly contradict your statement above

This new confusion is unrelated to that in Youenn's second bulletpoint of [this message](, where he goes back to discussing the second bulletpoint of [this message]( But, at any rate, "and similar elements" was featured in almost all of my messages. The one time it was missing - that was an unintended outlier. Please read that too as "and similar elements."

> I took a stab at the criteria being: no visual component

If you thought I used HTMLAudioElement solely because of a supposed mistaken notion of it being always-invisible, then why didn't you just respond that `HTMLScriptElement` or `HTMLBrElement` or `HTMLSomeOtherElement` would be a better example? That would have been a lot more productive.

> This would appear to support the view of others that visibility was the original criteria, and that you misunderstood Harald.

Please don't attempt to read my mind. My [first message]( did not mention visibility. My [second message]( demonstrates full awareness that HTMLAudioElement can be visible. It is patently obvious that, [as of 2022-05-27](, we all knew HTMLAudioElement could be visible. Let's proceed.

> this amounts to a highly ambiguous definition of what is sensible and what is not

I'll give an objective definition of valid crop-target-element-types in my next comment (for better visibility).

> Here it seems like you're saying only DIVs are sensible?

I said they were sufficient. This allows us to compromise on specifying them first, and expanding the definition later.

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