[webrtc-charter] Unreasonable bullet-point in workmode.md (#76)

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== Unreasonable bullet-point in workmode.md ==
The newly published [workmode.md](https://github.com/w3c/webrtc-charter/blob/gh-pages/workmode.md) reads:
> Github issue etiquette
> ...
> 4. You can attract someone's attention to an issue where their input would be useful, by including an @ sign followed by their github id; but once someone has been flagged in an issue, and if you want to draw their attention to a new point, use discretion in flagging them again publicly (vs contacting them out of band, e.g. by email).

I think this is counter-productive. The real issue is **not** that people flag others too often; the real issue is that repeated flagging over weeks and months is often necessary in this WG. And emails and other reminders sent out-of-band are often ignored. What we need are SLOs for a reasonable response time, and a mechanism to escalate when progress is delayed. If anyone in this WG repeatedly ignores requests to engage with an issue - which happens all too often - we need a clear procedure **other** than begging by email and chat.

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