Re: [mediacapture-region] Should we support strings in addition or in lieu of opaque identifiers? (#46)

> what if the CropTarget UUID was also made visible as a property of the track.

Do you mean a property of the track via being a property of Capture Handle? If so, yes, I've [had this idea]( too. The idea is basically for the capturee to expose a mapping like `{'name1': cropTarget1, 'name2': cropTarget2}`. But please note that this is still not useful for arbitrary pairs of capturer/capturee, because "name1" is not meaningful to the capturer if it does not recognize the capturee. I just don't think that a video-conferencing tool is going to invest engineering effort in receiving and applying crop-targets "of interest" from unknown websites. From **known websites** where a collaboration is set up manually by product managers - that's a different story.

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