Re: [webrtc-pc] Document substantive changes since Rec as candidate amendments (#2713)

The process to add a candidate change with this approach is to add a description of the change based on the following template:
<div class=correction id="change-prXXXX">
<p><span class=title><!-- Description that can be used a summary of the change --></span>
   is a candidate correction - 
  see <a href="">its associated pull request</a>.</p>
and inserts it in the document close to where the substantive changes were made.

If several distant sections are concerned, further instance of that notice can be inserted by simply adding an empty `<div>` of the form:
<div class=correction id="change-prXXXX-N"></div>
where N is the incremented value of the number of these notices.

The ReSpec pre-processing script then takes care of adding the numbered "Candidate Correction" markers, and of listing and linking them in the "Candidate Amendments" appendix.

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