Re: [mediacapture-region] Is BrowserCaptureMediaStreamTrack needed? (#10)

> I am not sure to follow, either BrowserCaptureMediaStreamTrack is for any tab capture or for self tab capture only.
Can you clarify? My understanding is that this is the former.

Sorry, I got myself mixed up there. Not sure what I was thinking. Your point about [DisplayCaptureSurfaceType ]( was valid.

My objection remains that it would be odd to expose `cropTo` on irrelevant streams. Mostly audio, but also just plain-old video with a different surface type. I think it would be useful to move towards having different subclasses for audio/video, etc.

Your example of crop-monitor-track-to-focused-window is interesting and I'd love for it to be added one day, but I don't think we can assume it will use cropTo (might end up with a different API depending on how the discussion progresses). Even if we **do** overload cropTo for that, I think it will make more sense to expose:
* A cropTo() that accepts CropTarget on tab-capture-video-tracks.
* A cropTo() that accepts something-else on monitor-capture-tracks.
* No version of cropTo() anywhere else. (Including audio.)

At any rate, I think it will be easier to expose more widely later, than to reduce exposure later.

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