Re: [mediacapture-region] Can the MediaStreamTrack list its cropping regions directly? (#6)

> The creator of the region can decide which origins can learn about the region.

That requires extending the API even further. For me, this is beyond the scope of an MVP.


This thread has me convinced that we have a viable way forward for both (i) exposing region on the track and (ii) doing so in a way that's consistent with other-tab-capture. Tabling this discussion would not risk us painting ourselves into a corner.

The only thing I see us potentially losing by not having this discussion right away, is that we might specify that `CropTarget` is transferable and is returned by `produceCropTarget`. This seems quite reasonable to me. With your improvement-proposal, collaborating frames would have to postMessage the `name` anyway. I don't think the delta between postMessage(name) and postMessage(cropTarget) is significant.

Wdyt? `Improvement` label and revisit later? (Please consider that it might be more fruitful to have these discussions after more implementations - Safari, Firefox - have had the time to try this out and see what's challenging and what's not, and what the right trade-off would be.)

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