Re: [mediacapture-region] Why exposing produceCropTarget at MediaDevices level? (#11)

How common is it for specs to plug additional attributes directly onto HTMLElement? Checking the Chromium codebase just because that's the quickest way for me, it seems like it's [exceedingly rare]( I expect that the Chromium implementation is a good approximation of what W3C specifications do, but if my hack at getting this information was misguided, please let me know.

As for extending HTMLElement, that's of course [quite common]( - but that's not what you're proposing. :-)

Btw, is it actually possible to expose a new field on all `HTMLElement`s without incurring **any** cost? I'm not sufficiently familiar with how this is implemented in Chrome, let alone in other browsers, but I'd expect a non-zero cost for this exposure even if the field is unset until it's first read. (Possibly as small as increasing a lookup table, which might only happen when the Nth new field is added. I am not sure. But probably it's not zero-cost...?)

> For instance, what happens in the case of calling produceCropTarget on a detached iframe for a HTMLElement which is not part of the detached iframe?

Could you please clarify how this edge-case would be problematic? The way I see it, if a given context can get a reference to the object in order to supply it as a parameter to `produceCropTarget()`, then that's all that matters.

> Calling twice produceCropTarget on the same element is expected to produce the same CropTarget, which might be surprising given it is a method.

I don't think that's surprising. We can also reduce the (IMHO already low) surprise factor by renaming to `getAsCropTarget` or something similar. But I think "produce" is good enough.

> using promises here is to accommodate a particular browser implementation

Politely disagree. It's done to afford all implementations the flexibility to implement efficiently and simply. If some implementations don't require this flexibility, I think it wouldn't harm them either - simply return the Promise pre-resolved.

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