Re: [webrtc-stats] codec.sdpFmtpLine isn't clear about which description to use (#616)

> > ...what's "currently being used".
> Unless... is early media still a thing? Is a receiver in "have-local-offer" or "have-remote-offer" prepared to receive any payload types defined in the union of currentLocalDescription _and_ pendingLocalDescription? cc @docfaraday

In the pre-webrtc days, it was a general rule that you never created an SDP that you were not prepared to honor immediately. However, this is often not possible due to ICE and BUNDLE, because those things rely on having both an offer and an answer to establish network connectivity. You could in theory do this on a renegotiation that reused already established transports, though, and webrtc-pc seems to hint that this is something we're expected to do (grep for "currently prepared to receive").

Of course, there's the whole pranswer business too.

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